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Important Links – 2

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Poland (esp@cenet, in Polish)
Portugal (esp@cenet, in Portuguese)
Romania (in Rumanian)
Romania (esp@cenet, in Rumanian)
Rospatent (esp@cenet, in Russian)
Russia (in Russian)
Saudi Arabia (partially in English)
Slovakia (esp@cenet, in Slovakian)
Slovenia (esp@cenet, in Slovenian)
Spain (in Spanish)
Spain (esp@cenet, in Spanish)
Sweden (in Swedish)
Sweden (esp@cenet, in Swedish)
Interpat Sweden, a part of the Swedish Patent and Registration Service (in Swedish)
Switzerland (in English, French, German, Italian)
Switzerland (esp@cenet, in French, German, Italian, English)
Turkey (esp@cenet, in Turkish)
United Kingdom
United Kingdom (esp@cenet)
New Zealand
Former Soviet Union States
Eurorasian Patent Organization (English and non English)
Armenia (English and non English)
Azerbaijan (English and non English)
Belarus (Not English)
Estonia (English and non English)
Georgia (English and non English)
Kyrgyz Republic (English and non English)
Kazakhstan (English and non English)
Lithuania (English and non English)
Latvia (English)
Moldova (English and non English)
Tajikistan (English and non English)
Trilateral Co-operation Database
Turkmenistan (Not English)
Ukraine (English and non English)
Uzbekistan (English and non English)
Patent Portals
A project of a New Zealand IP firm:
A patent portal of a New Zealand IP firm:
A patent portal project of Singapore:
A United States patent portal:
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WIPO’s International Industrial Designs
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Important Links

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Patent Search Links
The USPTO provides free searching of the Full Text of US patents and published applications:
The World Intellectual Property Organization’s Intellectual Property Digital Library Database:
The European Patent Office, the executive body of the European Patent Organization, also provides free patent document searching:
JAPIO – Patent Abstracts of Japan:
The Food and Drug Administration Electronic Orange Book lists Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations:
The USPTO Genetic Sequence Database, USGENE®:

National Patent Web Sites and Additional Searchable Databases by Country/Organization
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Austria (in German):
Austria (esp@cenet, in German):
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China (in Chinese, English):
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Denmark (in Danish, English):
Denmark (esp@cenet, in Danish):
Estonia (in Estonian, English):
Estonia (esp@cenet, in Estonian):
Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) (esp@cenet, in Russian):
Finland (esp@cenet, in Finnish):
France (in French):
France (esp@cenet, in French):
Finland (esp@cenet, in Finnish):
Germany (in German):
Germany (in German, English):
Patent Office of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC, in Arabic):
Hellenic Republic (in Greek):
Hong Kong (in Chinese, English):
Hungary (esp@cenet, in Hungarian):
Iceland (esp@cenet, in Icelandic):
Ireland (esp@cenet):
Israel (in Hebrew, English):
Italy (esp@cenet, in Italian):
Latin American countries (in Spanish):
Latin American countries (esp@cenet, in Spanish, Portuguese):
Liechtenstein (esp@cenet, in French, German, Italian):
Lithuania (esp@cenet, in Lithuanian):
Luxembourg (esp@cenet, in French):
Mexico (in Spanish):
Monaco (esp@cenet, in French):
Netherlands (esp@cenet, in Dutch):

Judgement on Roche’s patent on a HIV drug

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

On April 30, 2010, the Chennai Patent Office rejected
M/s Hoffman-La Roche AG’s patent for the crucial HIV drug, Valgancyclovir.
As most of us have begun to realize, the rejection raises questions with respect to several crucial issues, including post-grant opposition, inventive step and the efficacy requirement.

You can download the presentation from here

Advances in Paper Drying

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Paper drying is an important step in the Paper Manufacturing Process. Most of the energy in the paper machine is consumed in the paper dryer. Paper drying can be performed by the conventional cylinder drying technique, or by recent techniques like microwave or IR drying. The objective of the drying process is to make the moisture content of the sheet equal to the relative humidity of air. For conventional steam heated cylinders, the predominant mechanism of heat transfer is conduction. Convection is for impingement dryers. Infrared heating utilizes radiation. The report includes a study of the patenting activity of various companies, researchers and educational institutions involved in the area of paper drying during 2004 – 2009. Find out more …